going somewhere wonderful
By Ashton bayne

I suppose some of you reading this may not follow NASCAR or know the back story on where this blog is coming from. But back in April Trevor was taken out of his racecar and replaced for a number of races this year. We had a contract through the end of next year so this wasn't something we saw coming, completely uncharted waters for us. But it has become a sweet season for us. A whole lot of tears have been shed (mostly mine) and fears have been spoken aloud because it's scary not knowing what lies ahead. But dreams hidden deep within us are springing to life, our children are thriving at home, and we've actually been in the same place for longer than 4 days at a time!

Trevor has impressed me so much the last few months- Racing has always...

Baynes Go West
By Ashton bayne

Every year when NASCAR goes west, so do the Baynes. Three weeks with two little ones in between hotels, car rides, and the motorhome is not for the faint of heart. But we do it anyways! Over the years our family has grown and so has our list of favorite spots. Our trip always goes Las Vegas---> Phoenix--->Del Mar (near San Diego)--->Fontana (about an hour from Los Angeles). So I thought I'd share some of our must see/do/eat/stay places with you, just in case one day you get a wild hair and decide you want in on the NASCAR goes west too ;)